May 2, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up - Heather's Hurricane Winners

I'd like to thank the following:
1. Berri Sweet Picks for the photo book contest. This a really cute site. Informative and fun. Please give it a look see.
2. I Like Pretty for choosing me the winner of her mystery prize giveaway. Follow the link and read my entry. I'm so funny. Speaking (or rather, typing,) of funny - check out her cool crafts at I never thought of art for the shower, but now I ralize how under-utilized that space is for art display. Of course, only my family will be able to enjoy it, but I have plans. Bwah ha ha. When people come in my house, I'll tell them as politely as possible that they "reek" and suggest the take a shower. Now. In my shower. I can hear the complements rolling in already.
3. Green Earth Journey for her e-mail newsletter. If you have a teenage daughter or if you are interested in emerging research regarding women, please read her post
Thanks ladies. You've officially won Heather's Hurricane! What is Heather's Hurricane, you might ask yourself. Well, here's your answer. I'll roll thru your sites with a storm of favoriting: stumble, kirtsy, facebook, digg, technorati, etc. (I think you get the idea.) Good times. Good times.