Apr 11, 2009

Mommy Mandy

There are several offerings from MommyMandy (see button on sidebar)
1. Enter to win a set of Seventh Generation cleaning products http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/03/seventh-generation-living-home-starter.html
2. Enter to win a product from Petit Austrailia in the giveaway hosted by MommyMandy http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/03/petit-austrailia-giveaway.html
3. Enter the Ribbed Tee Giveaway by Mommy Mandy http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/03/ribbedtee-giveaway.html
4. No outfit would be complete with out some shades! Get your chance here: http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/03/sunglass-warehouse-giveaway.html
5. Clad the kids in these Hopscotch togs. Sophie dress in your choice of fabric and size http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/03/hopscotch-designs-giveaway.html
6. Be green while you clean! Check out the Joy of Green Cleaning
7. Join along with Book It! on 4/14, the nations largest bedtime story event feature an online reading by John Lithgow. Pledge to throw a PJ party and get your chance to win a Pizza hut pan-normous pizza. http://www.mommymandy.com/2009/04/pizza-hut-and-americas-biggest-bedtime.html