Apr 9, 2009

All Because Two People Fell In Love

The header on this site is so beautiful it's inspiring. Wow. Be sure to check out "All Because two People Fell In love" by clicking the button on the right. You can enter some amazing giveaways by clicking the links below:
1. Exergen Temporal Scanner (no fuss, no muss. Just swipe across the forehead) I just can't get that "apply directly to the forehead" out of my mind
2. Samples and coupons for Palmolive Dish soap
3. Rubbermaid Premier container (I have these and they stay as nice as when you first bought them
4. I never thought I'd see the words "Sane" and "Fitness" next to each other, but it actually works, go over to All Because Two People Fell In Love (button on right) to enter a great contest
5 Fans of Swag Unite! Great swag bag from South Beach
6. Tie buddies. These are great for little hands learning a big task. You can win a set

Thanks all and be sure to check out the sponsor sites.